This is your assessment exam for the Website Development course!

Please write your full name before taking the exam. Do not open other tabs when taking the exam or you will be expelled from QuickPro. You are only allowed to take the exam once a week. The passing average percent for taking this exam is 90%. Good luck!
How to access CPANEL of a website?
Which of the following options best describes the primary role of the cPanel software?
Which of the following options best describes cPanel as a product?
What is Elementor?
How do you add plug-ins to your website?
What are plug-ins for?
What plug-in can be used to add more security to your website?
What plug-in can be used to speed up your site's performance?
When deleting the plug-in, do you have to deactivate it first before deletion?
If you want to add blogs on your website, where do you type the content of your blog?
When using Elementor, is there a way to add a page that has already been customized and designed for you?
When you want to edit the font, size or color of your texts in ELEMENTOR, where do you go?
When adding an image background to your website using Elementor, can you upload a video directly?
You just visited a website and you noticed that the fonts, buttons and images starts to grow bigger whenever your mouse passes by them. What feature did the site maker utilize?