This is your assessment exam for the Shopify course!

Please write your full name before taking the exam. Do not open other tabs when taking the exam or you will be expelled from QuickPro. You are only allowed to take the exam once a week. The passing average percent for taking this exam is 90%. Good luck!

Do you need to pay for you to create a Shopify Account?

How much do you need to invest in order for you to begin drop shipping in Shopify?

Once you're done creating your Shopify Account. Where do you ideally need to go first?

Once you're in settings, how do you add Facebook Pages, Amazon and other outlets for your sales? What specific feature do you go to?

What tab do you go to, in order for you to manage orders?

When you go to the PRODUCTS tab. You will see there a subcategory called "Collections". What are collections?

What tab do you go to in order for you to see customer's data?

Which tab do you go to, in order for you to see the reports, statistics and financial condition of your Shopify Store?

Which tab gives you the capability to giveaway discounts and giftcards to your customers?

When choosing your Shopify Store's Themes. Does it enable you to also customize the theme?

When editing your theme, can you also edit the placements of the sections and the products you want to be shown and also where you want your collections to appear?

Are all Shopify themes for free?

Is it necessary to add a blog page? What is it for?

What plug-in allows your Shopify store become a drop shipping store?

Which of the following delivery channels makes your shipping faster and smoother?

What settings do you go to, so you can generate an automatic Return Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms?

Business Finance and Personal Finance should be separate.

What are variants?