This is your assessment exam for the SEO course!

Please write your full name before taking the exam. Do not open other tabs when taking the exam or you will be expelled from QuickPro. You are only allowed to take the exam once a week. The passing average percent for taking this exam is 90%. Good luck!
Which of these plug-ins assists in placing your website on the Google Search engine and sitemap?
What application is found in every domain host that gives you the capability to upload files directly to your website?
When registering your site to the sitemap, is it enough to simple register ""?
What plug-in hosts all your website's images?
What plug-in compresses your images to  a smaller size?
What subhost hosts all of  your website's images, texts, videos, and links?
Which of the following measures  your site's loading speed?
How many seconds could be considered as a GOOD loading time for your website?
Installing plug-ins. Is it considered on-page SEO? or off-page SEO?
After optimizing the performance and loading speed of your website, it's now time to  make it rank high in Google searches. Which of the following is the first step after optimizing your site?
What tool should you  use  to find your greatest competitor websites?
What is the basis on a good global ranking on Similar web?
After you got your competitor websites from Similar web, your next goal is to validate the keywords. What tool do you use to validate the keywords?