Microsoft Powerpoint

This is your assessment exam for the Microsoft Powerpoint course!

Please write your full name before taking the exam. Do not open other tabs when taking the exam or you will be expelled from QuickPro. You are only allowed to take the exam once a week. The passing average percent for taking this exam is 90%. Good luck!

What should be prioritized when creating a PowerPoint presentation?

When designing your PowerPoint presentation, what feature can make your work faster and more proficient?

What is the main function of 'Animation'?

How do you determine the sequence of the object's animations? Which animates first? Which animates next? How do you determine this?

Can animations and sounds be applied to the Slide Master?

Which animation increases the object's size

How do you add a video to your PowerPoint animation

How do you remove an object's solid color background?

How do you add filters to your pictures?

When animating an object, there are three ways to trigger it. Which of these cues animates the object at the same moment with the previous object's animation?

You gave your object a FADE type of animation. But you don't want the FADING animation to finish too quickly. You want it to FADE SLOWLY. Which of these effect options do you extend?

You  gave your picture a bouncing animation, however, you noticed that the picture bounced in TOO EARLY. You wanted it to come 5 seconds after the previous object. Which of these effect options do you configure?

How do you add video backgrounds to your slide in PowerPoint?

Your co-worker was doing a PowerPoint presentation and you noticed his video did not play automatically.  How do you find the problem?