This is your assessment exam for the Bookkeeping/QuickBooks course!

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Should the company finances and personal finances be separate?

Explain the 'Two Side Principle"

What are Assets?

What are examples of Assets?

What are Liabilities?

Which is an example of a Liability?


In your chart of accounts, is it okay to copy another company's template?


Which of the following clearly describes 'INCOME'?

Which of the following does not belong to the group?

What's the main difference between an Invoice and a Receipt?

What are expenses?

Which of the following are considered as EXPENSES?

What are COGS?

If you were running an online shop business that sells women's fashion, which of the following could be considered as COGS?

If you were running  an online tutorial business, which of the following could be considered as COGS?

Which of the following has the highest liquidity?

If your loan money can be paid off in 12 months, what type of liability is it?

Define Owner’s Equity.

Define Owner’s Equity.

What is it called when an owner decides to take out money from his assets and uses it for personal reasons?

On Quickbook's accounting method options. Which of the two is best if you want to include the Amounts receivables and other pending accounts?

Which of the following is the correct way of accessing your Chart of Accounts in Quickbooks?

Does a depreciation add more money into your accounts?

When adding assets to QuickBooks, does it allow you to add physical objects as well, such as computers, vehicles and buildings?

How to generate a report of the entire balance in your chart of accounts?

How do you add customers to your QuickBooks account?

How do you add Suppliers to your QuickBooks account?

Woo Commerce is a?

How do you RECEIVE PAYMENTS on QuickBooks?

Are you 100% of your skills in Quickbooks and ready to work with clients? If you are, click yes, if not, you may study Quickbooks again and be sure you are confiden. Passing a single test on Bookkeeping and QuickBooks does not assure your level of skill. I know this question seems weird but I want to be sure you are ready. Becoming a BOOKKEEPER and ONLINE ACCOUNTANT is a very big responsibility. So if you believe you are ready, click yes, if not, click no.