This is your assessment exam for the ANIMATIONS course!

Please write your full name before taking the exam. Do not open other tabs when taking the exam or you will be expelled from QuickPro. You are only allowed to take the exam once a week. The passing average percent for taking this exam is 90%. Good luck!

What are the three main boards you can choose from when you start creating Doodly animations?

Which of the following objects has human figures?

Which of the three transcription jobs requires more flexibility?

Of the three main transcription jobs, which requires more flexibility?

When starting off in PowToon, you are given a selection of default templates. Which of the following are not included?

When animating your toons, is it possible to edit the timing and entrance animation?

In Adobe Animate, you can move a shape from one place to another without using keyframes, but by simply moving it smoothly from one placement to another. What is that called?