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What you missed last week

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What you missed last week!

Sony Vegas Special Effects

We learned how to create special hollywood effects by using screen effects and overlays and also creating special sound effects.


We learned the basics of Bookkeeping and how to understand different terms in the Bookkeeping world.


Lots of new stuff are coming to QuickPro!

SEO Training

We studied the basics and advanced tactic of SEO. It gives you all the in-depth secrets on how to make a website top ranking in Google search!

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Your Applications

Enjoy the many benefits of a QuickPro Trainee!

Hello! Welcome to  QuickPro! If you’re new to QuickPro or if you want to learn the latest updates and features, just go ahead and click the icon above!

Create your own FREE WEBSITE

You will watch a tutorial on how to create a website complete with WordPress, Plug-ins, hosting and your very own domain! You can literally create portfolios or any website you wish. It’s a legit official website you can make for yourself!

Take your Test!

Are you ready to earn your medal? Please don’t forget to read the instructions before taking the exam and please do answer all the questions before the time runs out.

QuickPro Online Store

The best products you can get to improve your online skills. Web templates, email templates, fonts, graphics and so much more!


This app allows you to vote on a topic you would like our coach to review about on a live training. The schedule of this training is to be decided by the coach.

cert logo

Are you ready to get certified? Click here to see the instructions on how to get QuickPro certified. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it!


Get these free stock photos, videos and effects you can use for your graphics, and even softwares you can use . These are free and the license are also fully yours! The content here will be updated every month.


QuickPro Needs You

As you may know, QuickPro has been doing its very best to give you the best training experience and also the most enjoyable and affordable one. QuickPro has always been trying to give all its efforts in making this training not only an educational one, but also a very personal one.  However, because of the many features and training benefits we are giving out, the cost of it is also increasing. We would like to ask for you help in making the QuickPro community, the best and most affordable online user training experience there is! Here below is a list of projects our team has been working hard to achieve. If you can donate or help us in any way, it would be a very big help to us!


Member's Grading Page

We want our members to have a website page that will give them information on their grades, progress and tasks fullfilled.

We need to recruit 15 more people or P6,000.00 to get

Leaderboard Page

We want our members to have a sense of achievement. So we would like to develop a Leaderboard feature. It will allow our members to see a a statistical ranking of who are the top players on QuickPro.

We need to recruit 15 more people or P6,000.00 to get

QuickPro Romantic Comedy Commercial

QuickPro will be creating a romantic comedy commercial about a love story drama that transpires within an online training.The purpose of this commercial is to boost our presence on the internet.

We need to recruit 50 more people or P18,000.

Cyber Royal Rumble Competition

This is QuickPro’s grandest and most daring project yet. There will be MC’s, live audiences, judges and competitors to compete with their online creations such as websites, graphic ads, commercials and more! We need your support!

We need to to raise P30,000.

How to donate?

Very simple! Just send your donation through any of these payment the same way you have enrolled and send us an email stating:



Paid Through: [Payment Option]


I will support:  [Project you will donate to (choose from the projects above)]

“Your message about your donation”

Words of inspiration

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Thomas A. Edison

Update Log 0.0.4

– Added ORIENT ME  pop up box under applications

–  We now have a FAQ board in the most bottom part of your profile page.

– Added free stuff feature on the applications.

Update Log 0.0.4

– Study-First notice has been added to the Test Page

– New app “Review Topic Poll” Has been added.

Update Log 0.0.5



Most frequently asked questions for QuickPro.

Simply copy this link and open it on your browser and it will lead you to the google downloads folder.


The instructions on how to install the files can be found on your Facebook group. It is on UNIT 4, the title of the course is “Installation Instructions”

Yes it is. The file simply has a sophisticated program and the computer misinterprets it as a threat. But don’t worry, you may turn off your anti-virus while installing it.

Send your payment like you usually do, and send an email to quickprotraining@gmail.com



Mode of Payment:


Reference Number:

Date of Payment:

Yes you get $2 bonus. To refer someone, simply convince them to enroll, tell them to enroll through our Facebook page or website, and send their name to our email at quickprotraining@gmail.com

You will then be notified once the person has already enrolled.

Simply stop paying. But we will miss you though.