Step 1. Orientation

Freelance Masterclass: BRONZE or JADE plans. You have the access to the FREELANCING features of QuickPro.

Here is the PREVIEW of your QuickPro journey. All your questions might be answered by this part. Remember, IF YOU SKIP THIS, YOU'LL GET LOST. After watching the video, proceed to Step 2.

Watch it by clicking on the tab below:

After watching the video above, kindly read this document for more information.

Click --HERE--

Step 2. Discord Community

The QuickPro Community in Discord is where you communicate with your coaches, the admins and your classmates.

Please don't ask for the meeting link at our Facebook Page or Customer Service. Zoom links for the LIVE CLASSES are announced in the LIVE CLASSES' channels here and on your profile, minutes before the classes start.

Make sure you join the QuickPro Community at Discord by following these steps:

1. Watch the ORIENTATION VIDEO on how to join our QuickPro channel. Click --HERE--

2. Use your FULL NAME, same with the other platforms we are using. We will match your name with the list of students on our database. YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF WE CAN'T FIND YOU ON OUR LIST. If you've followed the instructions, you should be accepted at our community before 12MN.


3. The admins will review your request to join our channel before you enter.

4. You can run Discord using your browser. You can also install the application for instant access. Click --HERE--

5. Having problems on installation or registration? Be resourceful, do your research using your browsers and check for more instructions.

* Ask your questions on the QUICKCHAT channels to be answered immediately by the admins, coaches or your classmates. The specific COURSE/NICHES' CHANNELS are for you to learn with your classmates and share knowledge, information, updates, etc.

* DO NOT change your FULL NAME to nickname, username or code name because you will be removed from the community.

Step 3. Live Webinars

Live Webinars are conducted using Zoom.

1. Download Zoom Client for Meetings. --HERE--

2. Create a Zoom account. --HERE--

YOU'RE ALL SET! Now, how can you join the live class?
Take note of the CLASS SCHEDULE AS POSTED IN YOUR PROFILE'S CALENDAR (they are not clickable). The Meeting ID or Meeting Link will be posted in the LIVE CLASSES' CHANNELS, minutes before the classes start. Just click the Meeting Link and it should open the Zoom App.

It is best to use a microphone, speakers and camera when joining the classes.

The RECORDED MAIN COURSES are posted on your COURSES TAB while the latest review classes are on WHAT DID I MISS, both are under APPLICATIONS.

* Having problems on installation or registration? Go to #5 and check for more instructions.

* Please use your FULL NAME and NOT your nickname, username or code name because you will NOT be accepted in the classroom.

Step 4. QP Policies

Aside from the TERMS AND CONDITIONS you agreed upon, we also have policies on our platforms and your account. Failure to comply might lead to being expelled and kicked out of QuickPro.

Kindly read and understand the QuickPro Policies then go back to this page and proceed to STEP 5.

Go to the QuickPro Policies Page: --HERE--

Step 5. QP Cheat Sheet

We know a lot of you don't know where and how to begin. So here is the CHEAT SHEET to follow for each course. You will choose a specific online profession you desire to become and follow the steps being given. You can choose as many as you like while you're still enrolled.

TIP: Assess yourself and prioritize your strengths and interests.

Go to the QuickPro CHEAT SHEET Page: --HERE--

Step 6. QP Certification

You will be awarded with a certificate after you've passed the exams and projects given along with the courses. That certificate will help improve your resume so future employers can see that you're a QuickPro graduate and you're equipped with the right set of knowledge and skills. 😉

You may skip this part and start applying if you are confident enough on your skills and portfolio.

Are you ready to take the tests?

Go to the QuickPro ASSESSMENT Page: --HERE--