Modern Society’s Intake on Gender EqualityModern Society's Intake on Gender Equality

Society nowadays considers gender merely as a social fact. Women should be treated as women and vice versa for the men. There are a lot of groups fighting for its rights. Women’s rights, the LGBT community rights, and more. But do we often realize that we are fighting merely just for the sake of our gender? By raising our voices, do we consider filling the shoes of the people counter wise? It is easy to fight for our cause, but to feel the same about the opposite gender may be a different story. Research shows that females and males – including girls and boys, as well as women and men – have many psychological differences. What a man does might not necessarily mean that a woman can do. But as we progress, women are now able to socially function just like men. And men now do things just like women. But as we all know, progress is a gift, but it is always hard to achieve. There comes the idea or branding. If men were to act like women, they may be branded as gays, likewise for women. Those branding not only lead to misinterpretations, but also an insult to the minority. We have to realize that both genders can do things their way and in turn, are not subject to hearsay and assumptions. Many people reject explanations for sex differences. But it all boils down on how you understand sex. Sex differences are, of course, a matter of degree rather than kind. For instance, more men are taller than women, but that’s not to say that women can’t be tall, and men can’t be short. It’s just that when calculated as an average, men are taller and women are shorter. As well as, Researchers say that Girls Often mature faster than Boys, but that’s not to say that most boys are immature. The same principle applies to the differences told earlier. Another topic of debate is when a male and female go through relationships. Males are expected to act tough while females are left to be the more emotional. But it doesn’t mean that men can’t be emotional and women can’t be tough. It just depends on how a person react to a given situation rather than basing it on their gender. Now a lot of people might contradict. On the side of the women, they are fighting for women’s rights. Likewise for male. But can’t we all fight for just one cause? Yeah it is true, men and women have lots of differences, but when it comes to similarities, you can realize that men and women are more alike than you know. There may be things that Males do that Females can, and males deserve to be respected too just as the females do. Remember, no matter what kind you are, you are both breathing the same air, living in the same world, thus you both deserve to have the same rights. No matter if you are a male or a female. YOU HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS.


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