Is Mass Testing Denied?


With the pandemic happening, there are a lot of circulating rumors and suggestions regarding our government’s battle against novel coronavirus or most known as Covid-19. With many people suggesting a mass testing, where are we actually when it comes to testing patients? 


On May 18, 2020, Harry Roque, spokesperson of President Rodrigo Duterte, stated that there would be no Mass Testing in the Philippines due to the lack of resources. Now, the citizens have voiced out, “what will happen to our citizens now?”, “When will we conduct mass testing?” As we all know, mass testing is one of the potent strategies on how to end this pandemic. But many people don’t really understand the meaning behind it. 

Mass testing is generally testing a large quantity of people and knowing if they are infected or not. While it does not primarily mean testing all masses in the country. It will most probably increase the number of cases which means we can be able to isolate and treat people before they can potentially infect anyone. It will also be easier to trace and track the people they interacted with. 

Now about the lack or resources, our government actually has resources. But where did it go? There are a lot of testing kit donations from different countries across the globe. Several large companies here in the philippines also chipped in to help our government raise funds. But why is it that only 0.1 % of Filipinos have been tested? If not today, then when? And why is the aid of the government only catered for some people and not to the whole when we have already accumulated enough budget? 

With this, it may be bold to say, but the longer we prolong our battle against Covid-19, the more we lose the fight. When will our government realize that most people need them the most today? The more they deny us of our privilege, the more we struggle to fight for what is right resulting in a divided country. If mass testing isn’t one of our options then what is? We can’t afford to stay longer in our house without a living. That’s why I urge you to let your voice out. Choose to fight for your country. Choose to fight for your people. Moreover, choose to fight for your safety. Because a mass testing delay is a mass testing denial.



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