Market Probing

On this first phase, you must first figure out your market.

  • Who do you want to serve? (coaches, doctors, restaurant owners, real estate owners, ecommerce owners, amazon shop owners)
  • You have to choose one. Don’t overthink it, JUST CHOOSE.

You may download the files here:

Don't forget to comment down below your best take away from this session!

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    1. henry230

      Client First, its new to me but your right I'm stuck with studying (skills). Right now i will focus helping Restaurant Owners and Real estate Owners.

  1. Manuel Estandarte III

    ang lalim. thanks coach maj

  2. Faye315

    I think restaurants for SMM and vloggers for video editing are my niches.

  3. macky3710

    I like food art, maybe I choose chef/restaurant owners. Thanks for this.

  4. neal.alito

    Through this video, I am now eager to get client/s and get develop skills while on the job. Very Helpful video! Thanks Coach Maj 🙂

  5. RachelNeri

    I like the emphasis given on helping the business rather than selling a service. Fulfillment really comes when you get to use your skills in providing solutions to other people's problems.
    Thanks for the wisdom Coach Maj.

  6. AlmiraGrace

    Thanks for the reasons Coach! This makes my starting point interesting to me. Better than just hover over job boards, seeing uninteresting roles but aligned with my skills, and seeing interesting roles but I don't have the skills to apply. This inspired me to learn more. Thank you!

  7. Dwightfhel

    I'm excited to serve coaches in health, fitness, and personal development.

  8. mrmojica

    Hi it almost feels like I'm entering into the basic step of knowing to whom I can market my service.

  9. Pretty8blue@

    I Choose ecommerce / Amazon shop owners