Market Probing

On this first phase, you must first figure out your market.

  • Who do you want to serve? (coaches, doctors, restaurant owners, real estate owners, ecommerce owners, amazon shop owners)
  • You have to choose one. Don’t overthink it, JUST CHOOSE.

You may download the files here:

Don't forget to comment down below your best take away from this session!

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    1. henry230

      Client First, its new to me but your right I'm stuck with studying (skills). Right now i will focus helping Restaurant Owners and Real estate Owners.

  1. Manuel Estandarte III

    ang lalim. thanks coach maj

  2. Melanie

    I choose Staffing and Recruiting

  3. Mfuntanares


  4. Ryandiaz0823


  5. Rober

    Hotel staffing

  6. Faye315

    I think restaurants for SMM and vloggers for video editing are my niches.

  7. macky3710

    I like food art, maybe I choose chef/restaurant owners. Thanks for this.

  8. neal.alito

    Through this video, I am now eager to get client/s and get develop skills while on the job. Very Helpful video! Thanks Coach Maj πŸ™‚

  9. Vheamarie18

    Construction/Financial advisors

    1. RonSuarez09

      Since im the field of automation i will choose industrial automation or Electronic/electrical manufacturing

  10. RachelNeri

    I like the emphasis given on helping the business rather than selling a service. Fulfillment really comes when you get to use your skills in providing solutions to other people's problems.
    Thanks for the wisdom Coach Maj.

  11. AlmiraGrace

    Thanks for the reasons Coach! This makes my starting point interesting to me. Better than just hover over job boards, seeing uninteresting roles but aligned with my skills, and seeing interesting roles but I don't have the skills to apply. This inspired me to learn more. Thank you!

  12. Lovejoy888

    this is Great

  13. Dwightfhel

    I'm excited to serve coaches in health, fitness, and personal development.

  14. mrmojica

    Hi it almost feels like I'm entering into the basic step of knowing to whom I can market my service.

  15. andraine25

    Restaurants Business Owners

  16. Pretty8blue@

    I Choose ecommerce / Amazon shop owners

  17. Rui07

    Lagi kong ka hang out mga game developers eh. hahahaha

  18. okayeology

    I choose Commercial Real Estate as my niche.

  19. Citiejhei

    Me too, I'm stuck with studying for my skills. Now, I'm excited finding clients with Ecomm businesses

  20. aviekaillepedrera

    Coach Maj really knew what freelancers and businesses needs. You really knew what's the problem and there you have it! Ready-made solutions for the problems. I think, I really have to execute now -- as in today! Thank you so much, Coach Maj! The best ka talaga!

  21. QPregie29

    Since I am a total newbie on all of this, I literally dont know which market should I choose. But after this session I choose Call Centers as my niche. πŸ™‚

  22. rachelleperez0788

    I choose E-commerce

  23. Fhemmy

    This session helps me what market I should focus on more. I have top 3 but I wanted to focus first on Professional Services.

  24. nimera

    Good advises coach. Thank you.

  25. Mr.stuart

    now I know coach

  26. Pretty8blue@

    Ecommerce and Website/ Social media / Customer Support

  27. Miriam

    I'm torn between Coaches and E-commerce.
    I love to work with coaches because I want to learn from them since I want to be a coach someday and help people solve their problem through coaching. For E-commerce, I just think that I know their problems since I am a e-commerce customer.

  28. ljerame

    youtube vlogger

  29. Cheirmie23

    Woah!!!! Galing ng transition ko this morning,,,from studying skills mode to finding the clients mode. Thanks, Coach!

  30. remm


  31. Andriel

    Looking forward for a successful freelance journey for the second time around

  32. RonDhiy

    Thank you Coach Maj! I finally made up my mind and decided to focus on a specific Market which is Financial Advisor.
    My best take away from this session is now I understand my skills which will benefit my future client and the reason why I chose FA is because I resonate with
    the. I know basically their challenges and I believe I have capability to help them solve it.
    Mas nagiging malinaw ang path na tatahakin ko, unlike before na ang dami kong gustong tulungan at ang dami kong gustong
    aralin. Mas tama pala na pumili ng gusto mo tulungan saka aralin ang mga skills na pwedeng makatulong sa kanila.
    Again, thank you Coach Maj!