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CHAPTER 1: A New Adventure

You decide to begin your adventure by heading towards the QuickPro Village’s Marketplace to purchase some potions and equipment that you might need on your journey. As you enter the loud atmosphere, one of the merchants smiles and approaches you…

“Greetings Traveler! You’re a Housemate, aren’t you? I could tell based on how you carry yourself in that elegant wardrobe. Look, I know you’re on a mission to unlock your full potential so that you could help as many clients as possible. Tell you what, I may have some items here which could prove useful later on. I could give these to you for free, in exchange for answering my question.” You’re aware that you don’t have enough gold, but you also need a supply of potions. You then agree to answer his question in exchange for free items. “What is your preferred client niche?”

Choose one (1) client niche you want to serve. Write your name and your preferred client niche to give to your House Head for compilation. The House Head should submit at least twenty (20) entries acquired from different housemates for this quest to achieve merit points. Example: My Name: Juan Dela Cruz My Preferred Niche: Musicians