Knowledge; your Greatest Weapon


There are a lot of people who are asked nowadays, will you apply for a job you don’t know anything about? Moreover, will you run for a position in which you have no basic knowledge apart from its appealing job title? Surely, there are some who will say no and disagree but oftentimes, people take risks because that is what they must do to survive. That will save them and their family. That job will cost them their lives. Why know now if you can learn on the process after getting hired? It may be beneficial to some, but it is not always the right thing to do. Especially to jobs that are specified and can affect not only a minority but rather as extremely to say, the nation itself. 

Being equipped with knowledge might be your greatest weapon. Knowing just basic information on what you are applying for is important. Remember, when it comes to job interviews, one of the questions they will ask you is, “what do you know about our company,” “what do you know about the job you’re applying for.” Those are simple questions but really goes to show how well you are prepared and researched before going on in an interview. Now there are some rags to riches stories in which people took the risk of doing jobs they knew nothing about but still gained success. Like the story of my BOSS here, he was an undergrad med student that dropped out and pursued his passion on helping Filipinos get the job they thought they never needed. But you have to know that not everyone can do that. Not everyone’s gonna have the same storyline. Not everyone’s gonna have the same success pattern. To a lot of us, it’s gonna take a whole lot of studying and doing research before booking the right job. This is the root cause of many problems. People taking on the responsibility when they themselves don’t know the responsibility they took. So studying and 

To make it more widely, a politician can run for a position without having a degree. The reason? They already know that they have the mass to support them thinking that it is a cowardly thing to not run if your people want you to run for a position. But in reality, it is not cowardice but rather wisdom. Taking into your guts to study first before being in a position. Nowadays, knowing the principles of our law is a vital knowledge that a politician must possess. Why do you think reckless bills are being passed? Why do you think people still don’t trust their very laws? Simply because they knew that the people behind those laws lacked knowledge, therefore resulting in incompetency. With the problems arising from the country, we don’t need loved politicians, we need competent officials. How else would we battle our societal problems if the people whom we trusted to support us don’t even know what they’re doing? In a country where a senator who got elected has yet to study law then how is he gonna pass a law when it is part of his job? The very reason why such vague bills are being passed now. What is gonna happen to the country? In this state, the monsters that we feared are the same monsters we created. 

Instead of solely supporting someone because of his influence, why don’t we urge these people to be better and competent. Urge them to study first before engaging is such a big responsibility. Urge them by not voting for them when you know that they are still not ready for our country. Urge them before it is too late. Because your voice and support does not only affect you, but your own citizens. Your own country. Urge them before it is too late to go back. Urge them to be better for the people. Because remember, the position will always be there, but all those years you sat with your held high but had done nothing for your people will not go back. Be equipped. Have wisdom. Study. Because knowledge will be your biggest weapon.



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