Self Expression & how it can help during the Crisis.Self Expression & how it can help during the Crisis


With the pandemic happening nowadays, we struggle to regain our daily lives. A lot of entertainment comes here and there, urging people to stay at home to exercise our new norm. When there are a lot of varieties we can choose to do while staying at the comfort of our homes, there are old habits from the past that are being put into the spotlight today. They say, it is the time that innovations are hard at work. In some cases, it is. Like the modernized take on our theater arts. Who among you frequently go see a theater act? When was the last time you saw one? Have you really paid attention to the intricate detail each of these acts provide? As we continued our fight to the spiteful Novel CoronaVirus, it opened a new light and entryway to our forgotten arts. As you all remember, AHEB: Ang huling el bimbo the musical was a highly anticipated act and was therefore a success. It showcases modern day phenomena and at some part, it tackles realism. The second side of the story where no one decides to listen. There are a lot of debates going on right here and there. And this just proves that whatever the agenda of the staff who created this piece of art was, it works. People are engaged in the story. People are buying the importance and symbol of each character. They loved the performances. But as we celebrate this amazing phenomena, I am afraid that this might be short lived. Theater arts are often forgotten by a lot of people. It is one of those arts that deserve the praise and fame that a lot of our cinema movies get. You can say that it is highly appreciated now, but do you really know why? It is because of the convenience that AHEB The musical brought you. You can enjoy it while at the comfort of your home, free from any form of expenses. You can watch it all for free. No more long trips just to go to a theater house, no more expensive tickets. In short, there is NO hassle. You got to enjoy and relax while watching a piece of art taking over from your very sight. That is why it is successful. And people are willing to watch. People are commending it. It is not just all because of the storyline, the characters nor the lesson on the plot. It is because of the CONVENIENCE. Have you ever asked yourself this question, “Would you really watch it given that you have to pay for an expensive ticket, travel to a faraway theater house, and go on a hassle just to watch a play?” The answer might be No. The thing is people need to realize that this art was not easy to prepare. A lot of actors audition just to play the part. A series of practices comes after being casted. Lights and sound were being monitored. And more times than ever, these actors don’t even have enough sleep just so they can provide an art which can bring hope to people. An art that can open the eyes of some. And an art that inspires and motivates others. Why do we always sleep on them? Why do we always ignore the true value of these things, like the theater arts? As AHEB The musical continues to arise, we hope that our commitment and passion to the arts arise as well. The modern take of our theater acts might be good, but let’s not forget the old but gold memories that the live acts can deliver. After this pandemic, let’s all go, praise, and support our arts and culture.



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