Is Global Community Quarantine Effective?


Was GCQ or global community quarantine effective? Or was it the start of the doom of our country?

As we struggle to fight the pandemic, our country is slowly preparing for what we call the “new norm”. As of May 16, 2020, some of the regions here in the philippines have already relaxed the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and is now under the global community quarantine (GCQ). There isn’t much of a difference between the two, but hey, at least we got more variety of quarantine passes to use! 


GCQ is more likely a modified ECQ. With more freedom for people to go out of their houses but still with rules and regulations. People can now go and work for their families. The jobless can now look for a job. And some food and service business reopened for takeouts. For some, it can be a way to visit their loved ones whom they cannot for almost 3 months. Some also abuse these changes so that they can actually go out of their houses. Is it effective? Does GCQ really make a difference when it comes to our status in Covid-19? 


Economically speaking, GCQ slowly helps our economic status rise. With a lot of businesses opened, it boosts our country’s economic status slowly. But on the other hand, it may be also a bad thing to do when it comes to our battle in Covid-19. A lot of people think that since the quarantine has been relaxed, it’s their ticket to roam free around malls, parks, and subdivisions. Many abuse the new protocol. Many people believe GCQ is their freedom pass.


In Cavite, with only 4 days after GCQ was implemented, there are already almost 40 cases of positive patients arising. It is bad news since the cases in Cavite are slowly decreasing. As a result, a lot of malls were again closed. Strict rules had to be reimplemented. And a daily constant reminder to the people that Covid-19 is still very much alive and that the relaxation of the quarantine doesn’t really assure their safety.


There are things that people do not understand. Likewise the purpose of GCQ. Just because we are preparing for the new norm doesn’t mean we are already safe.  GCQ has been implemented to boost our economy and to help a lot of people find jobs and work to support their families. If you who are reading this post sees this, then reevaluate your mind. Is it worth it to go to the malls only to end being infected and possibly infect your family members as well? Is it worth seeing your friends for a couple of hours only to end up not seeing them at all? Because if not, then don’t. Because you never know, the virus is just at the corner. And it doesn’t choose its victims.



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