My Name is Majkel Benche Custodio

Welcome to my Resume.

My Skills



I know the secrets of improving a website's visibility and ranking on Google, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. An SEO specialist should know the best tactics into making the company dominant in the line of searches and customer visibility.


Graphics design is not only limited to artwork. You will be taught how to create effective ads, T-shirts, Posters and so much more! Graphics design is very needed in today's online world.


Editing videos comes a long way. I know how to add effects on both audio and video, you will be taught how to manage timing and emotions an also how to utilize these skills on creating powerful videos.

Appointment Setting

As an appointment setter, I am responsible for contacting leads over the telephone to generate appointments

Amazon FBA Expert

I know everything about Amazon. How they handle shipping, how they manage their clients. Assist clients abroad with their amazon FBA account. This includes product listing, customer support, social media management, utilizing influencers and promoting their Amazon store as well.

Quickbooks Expert

I have been trained to do bookkeeping and also the utilization of QuickBooks in accountant works. I can generate reports on profit and losses, general balance fees and so much mre.


Copy writing is also slightly similar to article writing but it is mostly focused on SEO tactics. Many companies would love to hire good copywriters who knows how to utilize keywords. I will help you with that.


I know the art of capturing every lead. CRM is a very important responsibility and skill if you want to become a really good virtual assistant or if you want to be a boss of one.


Marketing and promoting your website, product, or services online is very vital in every company. If you master the art of social media marketing, employers everywhere will be hungry for you.

Website Development/Creation/Design

I know website design. I know how to use plugins, pages, links, SEO, designs and animations to make your Website fashionable and functional!

Shopify Expert

I'm also a Shopify expert and even learn to create your own Shopify store and start selling items online without owning a single product!

Woo Commerce Expert

I know how to design your website and turn it into an attractive online shop using Woo Commerce. This includes adding products, adding variations, designing and so much more.


Adobe photoshop

I know how to use basic Adobe Photoshop and create amazing images you can utilize for creating ads, posters, flyers and also enhanced high def images that you surely capture your viewer’s attention.

Sony vegas

I know the secrets of video editing such as adding special effects, green screens, particles, high quality enhancements, glare effects and so much more. Sony Vegas also gives you the freedom to edit Audio as well!


microsoft excel

I mastered the formulas, conditions, and shortcuts to make Excel into a powerful tool on making hard tasks 10 times easier. This application gives you the capability of creating hundreds to thousands of information and organizing them in a click of a button.

Microsoft powerpoint

I can create a world class presentation that will stun the masses. MS Powerpoint is not what it seems. There are so many hidden secrets within this software that will literally amaze you and your audience once you have untapped it’s hidden potential!




I utilize Mailchimp to build traffic, create campaigns, email templates, gather forms and information from potential leads.

Chat Bots

I know how to design chatbots and deliver traffic using automated responses and broadcast messages.


I know how to utilize amo CRM when dealing with client responses. All your avenues are gathered in one app.


Best page builder ever.. I use WordPress for 100% of all my website creations. The simplicity yet and complexity of this site builder is very helpful.


I use elementor as my main page builder. It is how I design amazing websites such as this one and I can also utilize it to create online stores.


This simple but powerful online photo editor is also very helpful when creating instant ads.

Gmail Management

I manage emails, google drives, dropboxes, and arrange them in respective folders. I also know how to utilize canned responses.

Facebook Page Management

I manage facebook pages and also able to deliver high amounts of traffic to your site, page or vide using Facebook Page Management.

Contact Me

(032) 517-2594

available 24/7


374B, Tres De Abril Street, Cebu City, Cebu, PH

Email: cmajkelbenche@gmail.com