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This session will be focused on Cover Letter and Portfolio Enhancement. We will help you optimize your cover letter and portfolio, and also create hot seat sessions so we can critique your output in front of the whole group. Join us via the zoom link below on the assigned schedule:


ZOOM LINK: Go to our Discord’s LIVE CLASSES Channel

This session will be focused on client hunting, or specifically, LEAD GENERATION. We’ll be walking you thru on applying to various clients around the internet that fits your current niche. We’ll be teaching you how to apply our Client Hunting Action Plan and ensure that you acquire your client within your first month with us!

Schedule: SATURDAY 7:00PM

ZOOM LINK: Go to our Discord’s LIVE CLASSES Channel

Today we will Celebrate the wins! Volunteers will share their experience on winning a client and everyone will learn from their experience.

No schedule yet.

Quickpro University Progress

Quickpro University Progress

Click here to see the progress on Quickpro University and what you can do to help us with it!

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Quickpro's Top Secret Files

9 Facebook groups filled with Six-Seven figure clients

Join and connect with potential clients inside these facebook groups!

My P1 Million Client Closing Script (Valued at ₱60,000)

Learn my diagnosing and closing strategies that allowed me to close six figures for both Filipino and Foreign clients.

ANGELA'S DIY Agency Blueprint Introduction (Valued at ₱25,000)

Angela will be personally coaching you via zoom session on how to launch your own agency and how it helped her make 6 figures in 4 short months. Her class scheduled can be found on the calendar or you can ask our team.

Six Figure Client Channel Blueprint - (Valued at ₱25,000)

This is the blueprint I used to make six figures in less than 2 months. It contains the step-by-step action plan and communication approach you'll need to get clients quickly.


These sessions will empower you and equip you with optimized Cover letters, Portfolios, Interview hacks and all the skills you need to generate client leads fast! Attend these sessions by checking the schedule of our power sessions!

The Perfect Proposal

Use this proposal after attending your first call with the client. Assess, diagnose, and close them afterwards.

Fast Track - Quick Hire

If you're looking to make some quick result and start making 5 figures a month. This strategy contains a 2-week action plan blueprint that can help you get those results fast.

Social Media Calendar Kit

This tool is very helpful as a lead magnet for your clients in Social Media Marketing. This will allow you to get their attention because you're already giving them value.

Quickpro's Cheat Sheet

Here you'll find our curriculum based learning method. Study the skills by niche. You'll see the skills are arranged and grouped per niche. Come here if you feel overwhelmed by all the skills on our video course collection.

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Exclusive Elite Bonuses

Live 3-Month Unlock Your Inner Elite Freelancer & Wealth Activation Coaching with Coach Sarah Suyom

Sarah has coached ordinary people turned successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and 8-figure CEOs. Click here to see your schedule for the live 3-month coaching with Sarah

Perfect Closing Strategies

Watch the full recording of our perfect closing sessions by Maj Custodio

Winning Creatives Workshop

Access our in-demand creatives training. Here you'll learn how to create content that can convert clients and customers!

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