Today begins your journey to helping others. Crowdfunding is a caring business but also comes with benefits. Learn the basics and the tools and the skills required to build your foundation as a crowdfunding guru! This tutorial will give you the inventory of skills and tools you will have to build before engaging into the crowdfunding business! Study it will and take notes if you could. 🙂

Crowdfunding Website Development (part 1)

This website will teach you all the website development tools and plug-ins and designs you’ll be needing in order to start receiving donations online. This is the very heart of your crowdfunding campaign, make sure you listen and apply them carefully.

Crowdfunding Website Development (part 2)

This tutorial is a continuation of Website Development (part1) for Crowdfunding. You will be learning how to develop the payment portal for installments, automatic payments and also update the counter from the landing page. Below you can download all the page templates we have been using.
Download Page Templates Here:

Crowdfunding Tutorial: Team Roles

This is the concluding tutorial for Crowdfunding. You will learn all the roles of each team member and you will also receive all the scripts and templates you need to launch a successful crowdfunding event!
Free Files: