Training Benefits

In this training course you will be able to equip yourself with all the skills and knowledge a great online freelancer should posses. Every employer will not be able to resist your talent and skills once you have mastered the tools you will be acquiring from this package! Take advantage of it! You will be able to watch and re-watch all the videos for one whole month and attend live seminars twice a week and more!



Learn the secrets of improving a website's visibility and ranking on Google, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. An SEO specialist should know the best tactics into making the company dominant in the line of searches and customer visibility.


Graphics design is not only limited to artwork. You will be taught how to create effective advertisements, T-shirts, posters and a lot more! Graphics design is very much needed in today's online world.


Editing videos comes a long way. You will be taught how to add effects on both audio and video, you will be taught how to manage timing and emotions and also how to utilize these skills on creating powerful video presentations.

Appointment Setting

As an appointment setter, you are responsible for making approximately a hundred calls or emails per day and increasing sales for clients by cold calling, generating leads, setting qualified appointments for their clients.

Amazon FBA Expert

Learn everything about Amazon: how they handle shipping, how they manage and assist their clients abroad with their amazon FBA accounts. This includes product listing, customer support, social media managing, utilizing influencers and promoting their Amazon stores as well.


Learn accounting from basics to expert level. Learn chart of accounts, incomes, expenses, owner's equities, liabilities, assets and so much more. Our tutorial in Bookkeeping is very detailed and newbie friendly. You will surely enjoy learning this!


Learn how to get paid by create subtitles, text to speech assistance and transcribing general conversations. Transcription has three categories: General, Legal and Medical. We cover all three! We also include typing enhancement practices.


Copy writing is also slightly similar to article writing but it is mostly focused on SEO tactics. Many companies would love to hire good copywriters who know how to utilize keywords. And we will help you with that.


Learn the art of capturing every lead. You should know your customer's needs, wishes and dreams.CRM is a very important responsibility and skill if you want to become a really good Virtual Assistant (VA) or if you want to be a boss of one.


Marketing and promoting your website, product, or services online; and managing day-to-day activities are very vital in every company. If you master the art of Social Media Marketing (SMM), employers everywhere will be hungry for you.

Website Development/Creation/Design

Master website design and become a real pro. You'll learn how to use plugins, pages, links, SEO, designs and animations; strive to create visually appealing sites, user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Shopify Expert

Become a Shopify expert, even learn to create your own Shopify store and start selling items online without owning a single product! This tutorial gives you the complete details of everything that has to do with SHOPIFY!


Learn to create an online shop from scratch. This type of online shop is very unique because you create it using a WordPress plugin. It might be difficult to master but QuickPro teaches it in a way that makes it very easy to understand and practice on your own.


Adobe photoshop

Learn how to use basic Adobe Photoshop and create amazing images that you can utilize for creating advertisements, posters, flyers and also enhance high quality images that will surely capture your viewers’ attention.

Sony vegas

Learn the secrets of video editing such as adding special effects, green screens, particles, high quality enhancements, glare effects and so much more. Sony Vegas also gives you the freedom to edit audio as well!


microsoft excel

Master the formulas, conditions, and shortcuts to make Excel into a powerful tool on making hard tasks 10 times easier. This application gives you the capability of creating hundreds to thousands of information and organizing them in a click of a button.

Microsoft powerpoint

Create a world-class presentation that will stun the masses. MS PowerPoint is not what it seems. There are so many hidden secrets within this software that will literally amaze you and your audience once you have untapped its hidden potential!

adobe illustrator


This is the world’s number one image, vector, cartoon and graphics creator. Once you master this, you will easily conquer the graphics design world by creating your own unique vectors! Enroll and enjoy this now!


You love watching cartoons and animes? Learn how to create your own animations with Adobe Animate thru our comprehensive course on this software.  Learn key-frame animations and so much more!


FL STUDIO (Digital music)

This software allows you to create amazing music, complete with hundreds of instruments you can use. Create music in your own laptop/PC and amaze the crowd with your compositions. Alot of clients are also interested in hiring Freelancers who are adept in creating digital music.

fall in love with our online tools training


Create campaigns, email templates, lists, leads, and collect information from potential buyers. MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service, a must in the online world if you wish to build your traffic.

Chat Bots

Learn how to create automatic responses and programed replies with the use of Chatbots. Chatbots are taking over the wold of marketting by storm. If you know how to masterfully utilize this, you won't lose a single customer.


amoCRM adds a whole set of messaging apps to your arsenal, equipping you to respond lighting-fast to hot leads and drive more sales. It's easy-to-use, yet powerful to make data-driven decisions and love your customers.


WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today, used by approximately 75 million websites and powers over 29% of all the websites on the Internet..


Learn how to create vector animations online with Potoon. We can teach you how to take advantage of this awesome online tool that will surely boost you traffic and sales.


Learn to use the world's best plugins when making powerful designs online. Elementor has proven to be the world's most artistic plugin because of its ease of use and how amazing it is to easily create designs.


This simple online tool can give you an ad in mere minutes. Its ready-made designs has been proven to be effective by thousands of experts and the level of customization you can do makes it a worthy competitor against Adobe Photoshop.

Gmail Management

Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service currently being tested at Google that provides users with storage for messages and the ability to search for specific messages, sell advertising and deliver it to targeted users.

Facebook Page Management

It's a mobile app created to help Facebook Page users manage their pages and everything in them using their smartphones and/or tablet and provides a way for businesses and other organizations to interact with - rather than just advertise to - potential customers.


Learn doodle animations that will captivate your audience with it's timeless hand drawing themed presentation. We teach from basic to advanced and we will also include sample videos that you can practice with.


Weekly Live Webinars

We have live webinars twice a week. You can ask questions that can be answered right away, interact with your classmates, discuss things together and more.

QuickPro Community

The QuickPro Community is going to be ever present in the chat group. You will be able to converse, inquire and even ask for referrals from your fellow classmates.

Chatting System

QuickPro has a unique chatting system for its members. You will be able to enjoy 24/7 chat with the entire community. Yes, we encourage socialization here!

Employment Guidance

We will show you some tips and secrets on how to find jobs online very quickly. Find the loopholes and interview hacks that will land you a job online.

Quickpro Exams

Yes, you've heard it! We give out exams and sometimes projects, too. We even grade you for them. We're strict against cheaters, too!

Member's Online Profile

You will be given a username and a password and be able to access your very own profile within the QuickPro website. It will contain lots of interfaces and exams.

Our students talk

“IT FEELS LIKE I WON THE LOTTERY when I found QuickPro. Why? Because everything that I need to know is here already. The knowledge that you will gain from this training will last for a lifetime. It will help you step by step on your journey for you to become a Rockstar VA. You will have an AWESOME coach that is very knowledgeable about everything. Haha! All of the impossibles will become possible and your dreams will turn into reality!”

De Ann Constantino

QuickPro Trainee

Mary Antonette De Vega

"We developed a great connection with QuickPro, it's not just about the skills and tools we are learning but with the community we have. QuickPro is a step-up in my career. It's an unending learning with a team that cares."

Reg May

"Looking for work at home jobs but no experience yet? Well Quickpro is the first step to a brighter future. No need to purchase for an expensive course. The price is cheap but the knowledge and skills that you will learn has no limit. Quickpro provides all the skills that you need to become a successful VA."

Joselito Escolano

"I love Quickpro training because it is very engaging, it feels personal. It is easier to learn in a short time, making them easy to fit into busy work schedules. It is cost effective, all you need is your computer and a good internet connection."

Jennifer Gella

"Actually, I learned a lot of things especially what is Social Media Manager and AmoCRM all about. It really amazed me to know the function of AmoCRM, like wow! you can gather all your leads in one tool. This training getting more exciting"

Marissa Permejo

"In every meeting we had I learned new things. But last night I was amazed because aside from learning to be a virtual assistant you opened my ideas how to make money online. I gained more knowledge specially in advertising at social media platforms."

Angelica Joy De Leon

"Great community with Great Coach. You can learn Great niches with as low as $7 per month, imagine that! Low course fee but huge skills that you will get and learn in the easiest way. Come and join us!"

Anna Maria Velonza

"I was shocked at the fee compared to other online courses that I attended. The skills you will learn from Quickpro is really worth more than the price that you will pay. The lessons are simple, easy to understand and the coach is awesome."

Flowerbel Fga

"✔️Good Quality of teaching
✔️Approachable and Hands on coach
✔️Updated Apps
✔️Challenging Task and most of all
✔️Affordable this is my experiences so what are you waiting for enroll now! and be one of the best aspiring virtual assistants."