Activism is not Terrorism


As we struggle to fight against the prevalent coronavirus or most known as Covid-19, a lot of people are feeling the pressure on how it can be contained and get rid of. There are some who mask their frustration, but there are still who can’t hide their disappointment with the government’s plan against the virus. With many people voicing criticisms against the government, a new bill has been approved and threatens the people who merely just want improvement and solution. How will this bill affect people and what is really the thin line between activism and terrorism? 

Filed on September 30, 2019, the Senate Bill 1083 or the Anti-Terrorism Bill, were the topic of discussions amongst netizens with just two senators who voted against it and the majority approved. Inside the bill, you can be considered a terrorist if you: 

  • ‌You can damage or attempt to cause damage to government properties/facilities

  • ‌Assault or attempted assault 

  • You buy or carry a knife 

  • Meetup with friend with the possibility of plotting against the government 

  • Donating or helping relief drives that aren’t recognized by the government

  • Participating in rally 

  • Posting, writing or sharing posts related to terrorist community 

With the bill being passed and approved, people are raising the fact that being an activist and just fighting for your right doesn’t really tag you as a terrorist and as such, can’t really be faulted for such a bill. In a way, this new bill takes away our freedom of speech. One that the Filipino loves to romanticize about. With it being approved, with just a mere click on your account, you can be arrested at the comfort of your homes. 

Why now all time that such a bill has been approved? Simply because it is the perfect timing. Since people are doomed and frustrated at this moment, they are more prone and can easily share their opinions of what they think isn’t right. Ergo, there are still people inside the government who feel attacked and egos bruised that they think these allegations are set to destroy rather than help them improve. To save their egos, alas! A new bill has formed, hence the Anti-Terrorism Bill. 

The anti-terrorism bill doesn’t aim to protect its nation unlike its agenda but instead, it aims to protect the politicians who think criticism and activism equates terrorism.



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